Company Profile

The company was founded in the year of 2005.

MCFtec GmbH is an owner managed import-export company.

Innovation and progress is our company culture.

Our partners operate on a high level, with a lot of passion and fair prices.

In 2015 we have launched the brand ******  .                            This brand stands for upgraded lifestyle and selected quality.

Individuality and appreciation for extraordinary interiors is the focus.

indochine interiors

The beauty of shapes and colors as well as the great cultural diversity of traditional and classic craftsmanship will be monitored in our products.

The distinctive mix of styles is characterized by a preference for beautiful design and strong identity for upgraded living ideas.

The majority of our product range consists of solid wood furniture, for which we use either certified plantations wood or recycled materials.

Second Life, Elegant vintage look and ancient combined with exclusive modern elements, as well as our great diversity in outdoor furniture starting with high quality teak furniture to exceptional beach chairs and recycled boats.

Welcome to our world.

We work together as a team!


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